Madhya Pradesh Culture Department Launches Web Series on Ancient Tribes of Greater India

"Yug Yugeen Bharatvanshi" Explores Forgotten History Across a Vast Region

Madhya Pradesh Culture Department Launches Web Series on Ancient Tribes of Greater India

The Madhya Pradesh culture department is taking viewers on a journey through time with their new web series, "Yug Yugeen Bharatvanshi." This ambitious project sheds light on the rich history of ancient India, encompassing not just the present-day nation but also regions like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Southeast Asian countries.

Set 5,000 years ago, the series delves into the lives of 160 tribes that once populated this vast territory. "Yug Yugeen Bharatvanshi" explores the stories of these forgotten communities – their rulers, wars, traditions, and scriptures. It even explores where their descendants might be found today.

With seven episodes already available, the series boasts a detailed script by Rajeshwar Trivedi and captivating direction by Hemant Gupta. It's broadcast on the YouTube channel of Veer Bharat Nyas, a cultural wing under the Madhya Pradesh government's department of culture.

The current episodes focus on specific tribes like the Kandhar, Kamboj, and Licchavi. Future installments promise to delve even deeper, with explorations of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna planned.

"Our goal is to educate the younger generation about India's glorious past," says Shriram Tiwari, trustee secretary of Veer Bharat Nyas. "We want them to understand the remarkable people, cultures, and traditions that shaped our nation."

Tiwari emphasizes the series' commitment to historical accuracy, employing a scientific approach to explore these ancient kingdoms. He's also pleased with the positive response, noting over 4 lakh views on the channel so far. Filming currently takes place within studios located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.