When and where to watch ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 launch

When & where to watch ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 launch LIVE

When and where to watch ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 launch

Chandrayaan-3 mission is scheduled to be launched on Friday, July 14, 2023, at 2:35 pm IST from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

India’s upgraded ‘Bahubali’ rocket, known as Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LMV-3), will send Chandrayaan-3 to the moon.

Chandrayaan-3 holds great importance as it aims to achieve a soft landing on the moon, a crucial milestone in celestial body exploration.

If Chandrayaan-3 accomplishes its mission, India will become the fourth country after Russia, US and China to successfully achieve a soft landing on the moon.

Date and time of Chandrayaan-3 launch

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft will be launched on July 14, 2023 at 2:35 pm. The lander component of the spacecraft will start its journey, which is expected to last a little over a month.

The soft landing on the lunar surface of the moon is tentatively expected around August 23 or 24.

Where to watch Chandrayaan-3 launch?

The launch of Chandrayaan-3 will be streamed LIVE on Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) website and YouTube channel.

The allocated budget for Chandrayaan-3, ISRO’s third lunar mission, amounts to Rs 615 crores, which is lower compared to the Chandrayaan 2 mission that had a budget of Rs 960 crores.

ISRO will reuse the names of the Chandrayaan-2 lander and rover for the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The spacecraft includes a moon lander called Vikram (derived from the Sanskrit word for “Valor”) which is equipped with four instruments to observe thermal conductivity and detect moonquakes in the landing area, among other data-gathering tasks.

Once the spacecraft touches down, the rover, named Pragyan (meaning “wisdom”in Sanskrit), will disembark from Vikram and explore the nearby region. It is equipped with onboard cameras to navigate around lunar obstacles.

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