Reneé Rapp Prepares to Drop New Album Inspired by "Insane" 23rd Year

Reneé Rapp gave insight into what fans can expect in new album.

Reneé Rapp Prepares to Drop New Album Inspired by "Insane" 23rd Year

Get ready for new music from Reneé Rapp! The singer-songwriter recently revealed she's been working on a new album, a project she describes as a reflection on her wild 23rd year.

During an episode of Instagram's "Close Friends Only" podcast with actress Rachel Sennott, Rapp hinted at the upcoming album. "[Age] 23 to 24 has been a massive difference for me," she shared. "It's [the album] also about, like, a reflection on my, like, 23rd year specifically. 23 is f**king crazy. It's so crazy. It was like the most insane year of my life."

This new album follows the success of Rapp's debut studio album, "Snow Angel," which released in August 2023. "Snow Angel" was praised for its raw lyrics and genre-bending sound.

While details on the new album, including a release date or title, remain under wraps, fans can expect a deeply personal project from the rising pop star. Rapp's experience with the intense emotions of her 23rd year, coupled with her signature honesty in songwriting, suggests a powerful and relatable listening experience.

Stay tuned for further updates on Reneé Rapp's upcoming album!