Record Number of Americans Dislike Both Biden and Trump – Poll

A new poll from the Pew Research Center revealed a remarkable trend in American political sentiment:

Record Number of Americans Dislike Both Biden and Trump – Poll
An anti-Trump, anti-Biden poster, West Hollywood, California, June 2, 2024. © Getty Images / Alexi Rosenfeld

Washington, D.C. – A new poll from the Pew Research Center revealed a remarkable trend in American political sentiment: many Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. That "double haters" phenomenon has not been this strong since 1988.

The poll regarding attitudes across the country showed that many voters held negative views toward both significant political leaders. To be precise, 28% of the answers were dissatisfied with Biden and Trump. This is a sharp spike over previous cycles and indicative of rapidly increasing dissatisfaction with American politics.

The term "double haters" made its way into the political vernacular during the 1988 presidential contest as voters expressed their disgust with both major party candidates. Indeed, it is far higher now than the already high peaks this dissatisfaction reached in recent stormy election years and testifies to a further deepening polarization and voter frustration.

The implications of this trend go beyond even the Pew Research Center's: A large share of voters feel as though they have seen no choice from either the Democratic or Republican Party, leaving apprehensions regarding the turnout and engagement of voters in these upcoming elections. Political analysts note that this overall discontent might translate into more significant support for third-party contenders or even provide a jumpstart for bona fide change from the top inside the major parties.

Various factors contribute to this rising discontent. Under President Biden, criticisms keep flowing concerning how he handles some of the significant issues, such as inflation, immigration, and foreign policy. The former president, meanwhile, continues to polarize with his growing influence within the Republican Party, dropping controversial statements and actions.

Survey results come as both parties build up for the 2024 presidential election, with increased numbers of "double haters" more likely to be crucial in determining the nature of the political landscape. As Biden and Trump both look to their political futures, the task will be how to tamp down the anxieties of these alienated voters and close the gaping hole in American politics.

Heeding the poll, political strategists on either side have had to admit the necessity for an overhaul. Democratic strategists emphasize the need to speak to people's economic concerns and rebuild trust in key government institutions. In contrast, Republican strategists strongly emphasize enlarging the appeal of the party beyond Trump's base.

On the brink of yet another election, that frustration has set up an epic moment for American democracy in a disaffected country. The coming months will indicate whether the political elites will succeed in addressing the fears of "double haters" or whether this new mood will shake, once again, the traditional two-party system.

Far from it; one is the far-reaching survey conducted recently by the Pew Research Center, now serving as yet another reminder of the challenges that the United States faces to remain politically cohesive during this time of deep polarization. The record number of Americans who dislike Biden or Trump shows it is time for a change, and that need for innovation in doing things has to be seen in how we respond to the needs and concerns of the electorate.