PM Modi Dreams of Making 2 Crore Self-Help Group Women Lakhpatis, Rubina Bi from MP Inspires

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his aspiration to empower millions of women associated with self-help groups across India.

PM Modi Dreams of Making 2 Crore Self-Help Group Women Lakhpatis, Rubina Bi from MP Inspires

He envisions making at least 2 crore "Didis" (sisters) lakhpatis (earning lakhs). This ambitious goal aims to uplift rural women and contribute to a stronger, more prosperous nation.

A Conversation with Resilience: PM Modi Connects with Rubina Bi

In a heartwarming interaction, PM Modi engaged with Rubina Bi, a resident of Dewas district in Madhya Pradesh. Rubina's journey epitomizes the spirit of resilience and unwavering determination. She joined the Aajeevika Mission's self-help group in 2017 and embarked on a path of self-reliance.

Starting with a small loan of Rs. 5,000, Rubina began selling clothes by going door-to-door. Her dedication and hard work paid off, leading to increased income. She further utilized loans from the group and bank to purchase a Maruti van, expanding her reach to different villages. As her financial stability improved, Rubina invested in a Tavera car, providing employment to her son as well.

From Humble Beginnings to Building an Empire: Rubina's Inspiring Story

The success story doesn't end there. Rubina's entrepreneurial spirit led her to open a readymade garment shop in Dewas. Today, she earns a commendable Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month. Her husband contributes through goat rearing, while her son manages the vans. Rubina even plays a vital role in the Aajeevika Mission as a CRP (Community Resource Person).

PM Modi lauded Rubina's unwavering spirit and her ability to overcome challenges. He also encouraged her to pursue higher education for her daughters, empowering them to reach even greater heights.

Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra: Bridging the Gap, Reaching the Last Mile

PM Modi's interaction with Rubina took place during the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra. This nationwide initiative focuses on ensuring that the benefits of government schemes reach the intended beneficiaries effectively. It aims to bridge the gap between policy and implementation, leaving no one behind on the path to progress.

A Call to Action: Leaving No One Behind in India's Growth Story

PM Modi urged everyone involved in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra to make it a celebration of village development. He emphasized the importance of ensuring everyone has access to basic necessities like housing, cooking gas cylinders, and healthcare through Ayushman Bharat cards. This inclusive approach will pave the way for a truly developed India where every citizen thrives.

The interaction with Rubina Bi serves as a testament to the transformative power of self-help groups and government initiatives. As PM Modi strives to empower 2 crore Didis, countless inspiring stories like Rubina's will emerge, propelling India towards a brighter future.