IndianOil launches Phase 7 of ‘Parivartan- Prison to Pride’ & Phase 4 of ‘Nayi Disha - Smile for Juvenile’

IndianOil launches Phase 7 of ‘Parivartan- Prison to Pride’ & Phase 4 of ‘Nayi Disha - Smile for Juvenile’

Mumbai:  Mr. Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman, IndianOil, launched Phase 7 of ‘Parivartan- Prison to Pride’ and Phase-4 of ‘Nayi Disha - Smile for Juvenile’ today, in the presence of top international IndianOil sportspersons and prison authorities.  Phase 7 of Parivartan and Phase 4 of Nayi Disha will reach out to 11 prisons and 12 Juvenile homes, covering around 1115 participants across 14 states.

Inaugurating the next phases of the unique social stewardship programmes, Mr. S M Vaidya, said, “We are extremely proud of this ‘beyond business’ intervention, in line with our core value of ‘Nation First’. Going beyond the physical and mental well-being, it aims for a positive transformation in the lives of prison inmates and juveniles, through sports.  Sports has been successful in instilling discipline, teamwork and perseverance and giving a purpose.  In fact, the various global recognitions that we have received so far for this endeavour, strengthen our resolve to push the envelope further to make a tangible impact.”

Elaborating on ‘Nayi Disha’, specially tailored for the young inmates in juvenile homes, Mr. Vaidya said, “We realize that the formative years are vital and have thus chalked out this initiative to help steer the youth towards a trajectory of growth.  By coaching them in various sports, we hope to channelize their energies constructively, instilling discipline, resilience, and self-confidence.”

Mr. Vaidya also thanked the various prison and government authorities for their collaboration and participation in this mission. “Embodying our core value of Care, ‘Parivartan’ and ‘Nayi Disha’ have reached out to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the society. I am thankful to the various prison authorities and government representatives for joining us in our endeavour build a better life for inmates.”  

IndianOil, in association with various State prison departments, has also developed, ‘Umeed-Hope’ Retail Outlets at around 50 locations across the country which are mostly run by inmates and ex-inmates. These outlets have set the benchmark of quality and quantities at the highest level of service standards and have gained immense customer confidence/satisfaction, besides earning revenue.

Highlighting the program's role in supporting the transition of individuals back to community life, Mr. Vaidya urged the authorities to assist by providing land for setting up Retail outlets that will provide employment and rehabilitation to ex-convicts, like the Chanchalguda outlet, which is being run by former women convicts.

On the occasion, the participating state government & prison authorities thanked IndianOil for this unique intervention that will help prison inmates and juveniles build a better life and develop a strong, intellectual, and strategic control.

Parivartan- Prison to Pride initiative was launched on August 15, 2021. The Corporation launched the first phase of Nayi Disha - Smile for Juvenile on January 26, 2023. With today’s launch, the initiative now empowers over 6300 inmates and juveniles at 128 locations across 22 states and 6 Union Territories, through ten sports. The initiative not only offers coaching facilities but also provides equipment and kits to the participants.