Vastu tips for wristwatches: Enhance your luck and energy

According to architectural experts, Vastushastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, extends its principles beyond homes and offices to include personal items such as wristwatches.

Vastu tips for wristwatches: Enhance your luck and energy

Choosing the right wristwatch and wearing it can have a positive impact on one’s happiness, health and overall well-being.

Choosing the Right Wristwatch

Dial Shape: Choose a round or oval dial, as these shapes are considered symmetrical and architecturally sound. Avoid dials that are too large or too small, which can cause imbalance.

Belt Accessories: Leather belts are often considered auspicious, symbolizing both wealth and stability. Metal wires, especially silver or gold, are considered good. Avoid chemical packaging, which is not

Match the principles of architecture.

Color: Neutral colors like silver, gold and black are considered harmonious and appropriate for everyday wear. Bright colors can be added for specific occasions or tastes.

wearing the wrist watch properly

Dominant Hand: Most people consider a dominant hand to be normal for wearing a wrist watch. This is consistent with the belief that the dominant hand represents action and decision making.

Avoid wearing at night: Construction experts advise against wearing wrist watches at night. Regular ticks and electric shocks can disrupt sleep and energy.

Maintain Cleanliness: Clean wristwatches regularly to remove dust and dirt, promote positive energy flow.

Additional construction tips

Avoid wearing faulty watches: Damaged or malfunctioning watches can attract negative energy. Repair or replace them immediately.

Give a wristwatch with good intentions: When giving the gift of a wristwatch, focus on showing genuine love and goodwill to the recipient.

Treat the wristwatch as a symbol of time: Treat your wristwatch with respect, as it represents a precious piece of time.

By adhering to these construction tips for wristwatches, you can enhance your personal style, encourage positive energy, and be able to attract positivity into your life. Remember, it’s not about architecture

strict rules but involve a harmonious environment for prosperity.