Tesla Robot Malfunctions, Injuring Engineer at Texas Factory

A software engineer at Tesla's Texas "gigafactory" sustained lacerations in 2021 after a malfunctioning robot attacked him. Reports and official documents detail the incident.

Tesla Robot Malfunctions, Injuring Engineer at Texas Factory

While servicing disabled robots used for car part manufacturing, the engineer unexpectedly faced a rogue machine. According to witnesses, the robot pinned him against a surface and dug its metal claws into his back and arm, leaving a trail of blood. His left hand also suffered a laceration.

Despite the severity described by witnesses, Tesla's official report claimed the engineer needed no paid leave for recovery. The company remains silent on the matter.

Sources close to Tesla and a lawyer representing factory workers raise concerns about underreported injuries and safety lapses at the Texas plant, linked to technical glitches. They allege Tesla might be downplaying incidents to secure tax incentives.

Last year, the lawyer and an advocacy group filed a complaint with OSHA about safety issues and unreported injuries at the gigafactory. OSHA has yet to respond, while Tesla dismissed similar accusations regarding its California plant as "ideologically motivated."

This incident and past OSHA fines raise questions about worker safety at Tesla's facilities.