Rodgers on playoff push: 'Things are looking up'

Following Monday night's win against the Rams, a sense of belief is starting to grow among the Packers that they could win their next three games and sneak into the playoffs.

Rodgers on playoff push: 'Things are looking up'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Now comes the hard part.

This time, Aaron Rodgers thinks the Green Bay Packers can handle it.

With the five-game midseason losing streak well behind them and with two straight wins to lift their spirits, Rodgers and coach Matt LaFleur said after Monday night's 24-12 win over the Los Angeles Rams at Lambeau Field that a sense of belief has begun to grow.

A team that was all but out of it after falling to 4-8 in late November suddenly looks like one that could actually win its last five games and sneak into the playoffs.

"Well, it's three now," Rodgers said Monday. "We've got two. Got two in the bag. I don't know. Look, before the Bears week, we knew we had a bye afterwards, and those of us who sometimes peek ahead knew that we had to win five and then have a lot of things go our way. So, we've won two and just about everything we needed to happen has gone our way. Just about, right? So, things are looking up."