Photographer captures ‘divine’ lightning striking Brazil's Christ the Redeemer

A "divine" lightning strike lit up social media last month after it was photographed striking the head of the Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photographer captures ‘divine’ lightning striking Brazil's Christ the Redeemer

A photographer in Brazil captured the "divine" moment a bolt of lightning struck the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro last month.

The 125-foot statue, which overlooks Rio de Janeiro from atop Corcovado mountain, was struck directly on its head Feb. 10 with what photographer Fernando Braga called a "divine ray" on social media.

"DIVINE LIGHTNING!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!" Braga wrote on Instagram at the time.

Braga spoke with Yahoo News Tuesday, telling the outlet that capturing the sight was "like a dream come true" after more than 30 attempts to catch the moment in a time-lapse video using a Nikon D800 camera.

"At home, I have a really nice view of Christ the Redeemer, so I took a lot of photos of it. In sunsets, sunrise[s], with the moon, the sun, airplanes, helicopters, birds, etc. ... So I decided to get one with lightning too," Braga said.

The imagery of the lightning striking the monument’s head electrified social media.

"God has sent the world a message!" Norma Carino wrote.

"Just like that he does in our lives, stops lightning, protecting us from evil," Lilian Freitas commented.

The massive statue of Jesus Christ was completed and dedicated in 1931.