Facial recognition app can identify your pet’s face with 99% accuracy

A new app allows pet owners to register their pets and store their facial features in a database, allowing for easy identification if your dog or cat ever gets lost.

Facial recognition app can identify your pet’s face with 99% accuracy

Many of us chip our pets these days to keep track of them if anything ever happens. Although, a new AI-driven pet ID app may be aiming to have us forget chips and use our phone's camera to ID our pets' faces. This technology eliminates the need for microchipping and provides a more convenient way to track our pets. 

The app allows pet owners to register their pets and store their facial features in a database. Then, if the pet ever goes missing, the app could be used to scan photos of pets found to identify if they match the registered pet's features. This technology has the potential to revolutionize how pet owners keep track of their pets and provide a more seamless experience for both pets and their owners.

The app is called Petnow, and it is the first biometric identification app that uses a dog’s nose print and a cat’s face to uniquely ID them. It is a non-invasive way to track and scan a pet's face, even while they are in motion. It is a brand-new app, with 90 reviews on the Google Play Store and just seven reviews on the iOS App Store at the time of publishing.

According to the information on the iOS App Store page for Petnow, all you have to do once you download the app is face the camera towards your pet's face and allow the artificial intelligence to scan. Once the scanning is complete, your pet will be registered, and a profile will be created and linked to your contact information.

Every dog has a "nose print," and every cat has a "face core," which essentially works as a human fingerprint and is unique to every pet. The pet ID is not detachable like a collar or tag and does not require the invasive surgery that a chip from the vet would. Plus, the app is completely free to use, and the minds behind Petnow are stating that this could be an alternative to expensive pet insurance as this type of insurance "...has traditionally been expensive with limited coverage due to the challenges of properly identifying dogs and cats. "

Once you have a profile for your pet, you can then use the Petnow app to report if your pet goes missing. The app can then assist you in finding your pet by alerting you if someone finds your pet and letting the app know.

It is unclear if vets will be able to access the information that Petnow provides as the app is very new, and not many have used it yet. However, you can always let your vet know that you have the app and show them what it looks like and what information it keeps at your next visit. It could be helpful for your vet to work alongside the app to gather the most accurate data for your pet.

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Will you be trying the Petnow app? Tell us how it works for you.

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