Rob Gronkowski reveals why party habits were beneficial for playing career

NFL great Rob Gronkowski opened up about his partying habits and joked that it made him a better player in an appearance on "The Tonight Show."

Rob Gronkowski reveals why party habits were beneficial for playing career

Rob Gronkowski was known for three things during his NFL career – catching touchdowns from Tom Brady, winning Super Bowls and partying.

It’s been more of the latter over the last 12 months as the former NFL tight end held his Gronk Beach party in Las Vegas around the NFL Draft, had a retirement bash at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut in September, and is planning another Gronk Beach party ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

Gronkowski explained Monday night on "The Tonight Show" that his party habits helped him on the field.

"Well, I’m carrying my friends, you know, throughout the bar. I’m holding them up. I’m lifting. I’m curling them," he explained to host Jimmy Fallon. "They’re on my back, I’m jumping up and down. I’m dancing the whole time. Kinda like Austin Butler. I’m gyrating."

Fallon asked Gronkowski just how close he was to signing with a team this season.

"I missed it sometimes, but not really. Then I’d miss it for like an hour, and then I would go work out, and then I’d be like, ‘Nah, I don’t miss it. I don’t even have the energy to work out,'" adding he took some phone calls and about a week to really consider returning to the gridiron.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star earlier this month he did ignore some calls and texts.

"I know, man. I just kind of ignore them," he told Fox News Digital. "I laugh, you know. I send some funny things back, but it’s also very humbling. It’s very cool to be in that situation as well thought to where you’re still wanted. Usually, in the NFL, you get chewed up and you get thrown out right away. You get spit up and spit out, and therefore it’s just cool to be in that situation.

"I would say just one of a few out there to have teams call, and you can come back and play in the NFL. So, that’s definitely a humbling experience. But the mindset is just not there. And I just enjoy my time off and very content on where I am."