Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates: Data, digital sovereignty frameworks must be developed carefully, says Kris Lovejoy

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates: Data, digital sovereignty frameworks must be developed carefully, says Kris Lovejoy

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates: Data, digital sovereignty frameworks must be developed carefully, says Kris Lovejoy

13:24 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Angus Topshee: History teaches us that communication is of key importance

13:22 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Gen. Koji Yamazaki: Outerspace, cyber and electromagnetic domains are the new domains that we are looking at for future conflicts

13:21 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Bec Shrimpton: Reflecting on last decades is important to understand the next decades

13:19 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Adm. R Hari Kumar: In the maritime domain, challenges are trans-national in nature

13:17 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

The Future of Conflict: Lessons from the Third Decade

13:00 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Brutal Russian aggression in Ukraine has affected the whole world, says Tanja Fajon

Falon,  Dy PM and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Slovenia, added that she supports all efforts that can bring together all sides to start negotiations for peace. 

India has to play the role of the country that protects the basic rules of solidarity & democracy in the world, she stated.

12:46 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Where is India? 

"I am truly surprised by the fact that India, which has been such a great supporter of Afghanistan in the past, has had such a close relationship with the Afghans and help build the nation, has been completely missing from the scene as our nation suffers," said a visibly emotional Mahbouba Seraj, a journalist from Afghanistan, at a late-night Raisina Dialogue session called 'From Karachi to Kandahar, Is The Act Of Terror Aflame Again'?." Where is India? Why isn't it coming to our support? Why are Indians staying away and not helping us?" asked the 74-year-old women's rights activist. According to her, Pakistan's travails with terror at the hands of TTP is the just reward for Islamabad for persisting with policies that it did. 

reports Sreemoy Talukdar

12:44 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Ocean of crowd at Raisina 

Having been to the Raisina Dialogue before, I've never come across such a sea of humanity at the venue. It is evident that Raisina Dialogue, India's flagship conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics hosted by the ORF in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs, has grown in stature and scale. It is also evident that reined in by the pandemic for too long, people cannot have enough of meeting, conversing, and engaging with each other, face to face, the way communication was meant to be. Taj Palace in New Delhi, the venue, is so chock-full with ministers, diplomats, scholars, delegates and media from the world over that every chair in the lobby is taken, cafés, and restaurants are full and unless you manage to squeeze into the banquet halls, that are hosting the sessions, well in advance, you'll have to either give that session a miss or stand at the very back like a kid who has been punished for unruly behaviour. Organisers can't be faulted, simply because there are too many people, everywhere. In a way, it's good to see normalcy return. May it stay this way. 

reports Sreemoy Talukdar

12:38 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Freedom is hard-earned and can be lost with the rise of populism, says Frank Müller-Rosentritt

12:29 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Mihoko Matsubara: We must communicate freely to help businesses, economies, countries

12:24 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Leslie Miller: Organisations like YouTube are responsible to assess and understand the value of free expression

12:22 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Kris Lovejoy: Data and digital sovereignty frameworks must be developed carefully to prioritise and protect the citizens’ rights of privacy

11:51 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Democracy’s Eleven: Protecting our Technology Futures

11:20 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Cost of financing must be brought down, especially for middle-income countries, says Dr Vera Songwe

11:18 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Time has come to increase non-sovereign lending, says Philippe Orliange

11:17 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

External financing should primarily provide support to the domestic financial sector of the recipient country, says Philippe Orliange

10:59 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Navigating a Debt Crisis: Towards a New Development Partnership Agenda

10:54 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

India’s position physically, metaphorically and symbolically has been the bridge between the Global North and South, says Meenakashi Lekhi

10:35 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Raisina Dialogue brings the entire perspective to the table, says Meenakashi Lekhi

10:16 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Relationship of the UNSC with the UNGA needs to be redefined, says Lakshmi M Puri

10:14 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Small countries ... should be honest participants in the international multilateral system, says Mnatsakan Safaryan

10:12 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

We have binding international law, says Ivan Korcok

10:05 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Significance of the Raisina Dialogue in the middle of India's G20 presidency explained

09:51 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Jaishankar discusses G20 agenda, global developments with Canadian counterpart Joly

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday called on the Foreign minister of Canada, Melanie Joly, and held discussions on the G20 agenda and global developments.

"Wide-ranging conversation with FM @melaniejoly of Canada. Discussed the G20 agenda and global developments. Bilateral issues including trade, connectivity and people-to-people ties," tweeted Jaishankar.


09:40 (IST)

Raisina Dialogue LIVE Updates

Peace In Pieces: New Pathways For a UN That Works

On the sidelines of the Raisina Dialogue, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, on Friday, held meetings with counterparts of Oman, France, Singapore and Bangladesh.

Taking to Twitter, Jaishankar said that he met Oman’s Foreign Minister Badr Albusaidi, France’s counterpart Catherine Colonna, Singapore’s Vivian Balakrishnan and Bangladesh’s Abdul Momen.

“A warm meeting with FM @badralbusaidi of Oman this evening. Value his #G20FMM and #RaisinaDialogue2023 participation Our bilateral cooperation is growing from strength to strength,” Jaishankar tweeted.

“Great meeting with FM @MinColonna of France. Appreciated her support for our G20 Presidency. Agreed to coordinate more closely on global and multilateral issues. Also reviewed our bilateral relationship,” he said in another tweet.

After meeting Singapore’s FM, Jaishankar said that they exchange on the ever-strengthening cooperation and more. Much done and lots of possibilities in a fast-changing world.

“So nice to meet FM Dr Abdul Momen of Bangladesh on #G20FMM and #RaisinaDialogue2023 sidelines. Neighbourhood First, always,” EAM said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar concluded the meeting with the Foreign Minister of Brazil, Mauro Vieira and the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Naledi Pando. He passed on IBSA Handover Report 2023 to chair Brazil. Our IBSA partnership will continue to work for the concerns of Global South

“Happy to pass on the IBSA Handover Report 2023 to chair Brazil today afternoon. Best wishes to colleague Mauro Vieira. Our IBSA partnership will continue to work for the concerns of the Global South,” he added.

The Raisina Dialogue is the flagship think-tank event organised by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

During the Raisina Dialogue, the Quad Foreign Ministers took place presided over by Jaishankar, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Japanese counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi and US State Department Secretary Antony Blinken.

The Quad Foreign Ministers reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific and strongly supported the peaceful settlement of disputes without resorting to threats or use of force and freedom of navigation and overflight.

“Our meeting today reaffirms the Quad’s steadfast commitment to supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific, which is inclusive and resilient. We strongly support the principles of freedom, rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, peaceful settlement of disputes without resorting to threat or use of force and freedom of navigation and overflight and oppose any unilateral attempt to change the status quo, all of which are essential to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and beyond,” according to the statement released by Quad.

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