Pope hosts Marxist-Christian dialogue group at Vatican, praises cooperation 'promoting the common good'

Pope Francis hosted the DIALOP transversal Dialogue Project this week, praising the group for its work fostering cooperation between European Marxists and Christian churches.

Pope hosts Marxist-Christian dialogue group at Vatican, praises cooperation 'promoting the common good'

Pope Francis praised cooperation between Marxists and Christians toward rooting out corruption and abuse of power during an audience at the Vatican.

The pontiff spoke Thursday to an audience representing DIALOP transversal Dialogue Project, a group that describes itself as fostering "the dialogue of good willing persons, with secular and religious backgrounds, especially between Socialist/Marxists and Christians."

"I am pleased to welcome you, the representatives of DIALOP, who for many years have been committed to promoting the common good through dialogue between Socialists/Marxists and Christians. A fine program!" said Pope Francis.

During his remarks, the pontiff emphasized the importance of caring for the most vulnerable members of society and protecting against corruption and lawlessness.

"The measure of a civilization can be seen by how the most vulnerable are treated," Pope Francis said. "Let us not forget how the great dictatorships, we think of Nazism, discarded and killed those who were most vulnerable: the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, immigrants, the exploited, and all those whom the culture of waste turns into refuse. This is one of the most terrible things."

The pope offered three attitudes to consider for promoting the common good across ideological groups, "the courage to break the mold, concern for the less fortunate and support for the rule of law."

"Beyond religious and ideological boundaries, Christians and Marxists, as well as people of good will recognise today that they are united in their commitment to the end of armed conflicts in the world and the security of the most basic human rights, in order to guarantee social equilibrium and peace for humanity," DIALOP said in a document regarding the meeting.

DIALOP was founded in 2014 to serve as an ongoing point of dialogue between European left-wing political groups and Christianity. It is a secular organization.