PM Modi on allegations about EVMs and an unfair playing field: "Opposition is laying out reasons for defeat in elections"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said none of the laws governing the Election Commission or the Enforcement Directorate (ED) were made by his government

PM Modi on allegations about EVMs and an unfair playing field: "Opposition is laying out reasons for defeat in elections"
PM Modi in an interview said that the Opposition was making allegations about EVMs because it is looking for excuses for defeat Source: ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dismissed the Opposition's claims of an unfair playing field, stating that they have begun outlining their plans to be defeated in the next Lok Sabha elections.

In an interview with ANI, Modi claimed that the opposition has begun to bring up concerns related to central investigative agencies or electronic voting machines (EVMs) in an attempt to find an explanation for their electoral failures.

“There is a saying: Naach na jaane aangan tedha (someone who can’t dance calls the floor distorted). That’s why sometimes they come up with excuses over EVM. Basically, they have already started setting a reasoning for their impending defeat, so the loss does not come on their side,” said Modi.

In an apparent reference to the Opposition’s charge of central agencies’ pursuit of Opposition leaders and questions on institutions like the Election Commission of India, Modi said the laws governing these institutions were not made him. He further said that his government has actually strenthened the laws governing the ECI.

"The opposition is included in the Election Commission if it is established today. Formerly, the Election Commission was formed and a file was signed by the Prime Minister. Those who had a close relationship with their families were appointed as election commissioners. After departing from that place, these individuals joined the Rajya Sabha and rose to the position of minister in their respective governments. These commissioners for elections were eventually selected to run for Congress. We are unable to compete at that level for that reason. We are not going to turn into this. Modi stated, "We don't want to go the wrong way; we want to take the right path.