Madhya Pradesh to Acquire Bombardier Challenger Jet for ₹233 Crore

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh government under Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has decided to purchase a new Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft for ₹233 crore. The decision was approved during a cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.

Madhya Pradesh to Acquire Bombardier Challenger Jet for ₹233 Crore

The state-of-the-art jet is equipped with modern amenities, including advanced technology and comfortable seating. It is capable of undertaking long journeys in any weather condition and boasts a luxurious cabin for an enhanced flying experience.

The new aircraft will be used for various purposes, including:

  • Facilitating swift travel for the Chief Minister and other dignitaries across the state.
  • Providing air support for government events and programs.
  • Projecting Madhya Pradesh's image as a progressive and modern state.

This acquisition is likely to spark debate, with some questioning the allocation of such a significant sum when other crucial areas require attention. The government, however, maintains that the jet is a necessary investment that will serve the state's interests in the long run.

In other key decisions taken during the cabinet meeting:

  • Madhya Pradesh will be setting a world record for tree plantation on July 14th. The target is to plant 11 lakh saplings within 12 hours in Indore. Union Home Minister Amit Shah is expected to attend the event and inaugurate 55 new Excellence Colleges across the state.
  • The Madhya Pradesh Assembly will transition to a paperless system at a cost of ₹23 crore. The National e-Vidhan Application will be implemented with shared funding from the central and state governments.
  • Scholarship amounts for students from Vimukta and Ardh-Ghumantu communities will be increased to match those offered to Scheduled Caste students.
  • Seven new irrigation projects worth ₹9,371 crore have been approved for the benefit of tribal regions, particularly areas around Narmada and Omkareshwar.