Lost asteroid 2007 FT3 unlikely to hit Earth in 2024, NASA says

A 54-million-ton asteroid that was previously believed to be headed toward Earth will not be hitting our planet this year, according to NASA.

Lost asteroid 2007 FT3 unlikely to hit Earth in 2024, NASA says

NASA has quelled concerns that a lost 54-million-ton asteroid could potentially hit Earth this year, devastating large regions of the planet. 

The space agency issued a statement in response to a November report from GB News, which stated that 2007 FT3 had a slim chance of hitting Earth in 2024. 

Scientists eventually lost track of the 984-foot asteroid after first spotting it in 2007, categorizing it as a "lost asteroid." 

GB News reported at the time that there was a roughly 1 in 10 million chance of the asteroid slamming into Earth by March 3, 2030 or a 1 in 11.5 million chance of striking the Earth on October 5, 2024. 

NASA told The Standard: "There are no known asteroid impact threats to Earth at any time in the next century. NASA and its partners diligently watch the skies to find, track, and categorize asteroids and near-Earth objects (NEOs), including those that come close to Earth." 

Scientists were able to collect information about the asteroid before losing track of it. The asteroid made its way onto NASA’s Sentry Risk Table of objects that could potentially impact Earth.