Irugpattru: A flawed but wonderfully sincere drama

'Irugapattru' movie review: Red flags, toxic love and the methods of madness in love

Irugpattru: A flawed but wonderfully sincere drama
Irugapattru movie

Yuvraj Dhayalan’s Irugapattru (Hold Tight) is a Tamil relationship drama about three couples who face various challenges after their marriage.

Mitra (Shraddha Srinath) and Manohar (Vikram Prabhu), a marriage counseling couple, clash over Manohar’s inheritance. Due to a bunch of micro-aggression, Arjun (Sri) and Divya (Sania Iyyappan) fell out of love. Rangesh (Vidhartha) and Pavithra (Abernathi) deal with Rangesh’s sarcasm and insults, which are at the root of his own trauma.

The film does a good job of showing the different relationships and challenges couples face. However, it does not have a solution to these conflicts.

Mitra's attempts to resolve her conflict with Manohar are not connected, her decision to treat her marriage as her affair is questionable Arjun and Divya's reconciliation is also too quick and easy, due to the nature of their affairs is strong because of.

The transformation of Rangesh into a sympathetic character is the most problematic part of the film. The film seems to justify his abuse by attributing it to his trauma. This is a dangerous message to send, because it undermines the importance of accountability and forgiveness.

Despite its flaws, Irugapattru is a touching drama with wonderful performances by all the characters. Justin Prabhakaran's music is also a highlight.

Overall, Irugapattru is a film worth watching, but it could have been better if relationships and their complications were explored more thoroughly.