Here is why you wake up with a puffy face

Waking up with fresh glowing skin – that’s the dream. But not all of us live that dream even if we pamper our skin with...

Here is why you wake up with a puffy face

Waking up with fresh glowing skin – that’s the dream. But not all of us live that dream even if we pamper our skin with a skincare routine the night before. Forget clean and clear glowing skin, some of us wake up with puffy skin instead. It can be frustrating and annoying, not only because it sabotages your expectations but also because you have to indulge in another skincare routine to coddle the skin before you head out for work – which we take is the last thing you want when you are running against the clock. 

We understand a puffy face can be a nightmare. But have you ever wondered why it happens? What causes a puffy face in the morning? We will be telling you all about it – just sit back, relax, and read along. 

How do you describe a puffy face? 

Chances are that you wake up with a puffy face but do not realize it. In simple words, a puffy face is a swollen face. It can be because of a number of reasons, starting from your lifestyle to some underlying medical conditions. Let’s find out. 

Reasons why you are waking up with a puffy face

Here are some of the reasons why you are waking up with a puffy face:

You are compromising sleep or not sleeping right 

We understand the temptation of hitting the “Next episode” button especially when the last episode ended on a cliffhanger. But here’s a gentle reminder, nighttime is the time to sleep – at least that’s what your body thinks. 

Your skin goes through a regeneration process during your sleep. When you settle for less and give your body less than what it needs (a peaceful, adequate good night’s sleep), the consequence is a puffy face that stems from water retention. This puffy face becomes more noticeable when you do not sleep as you should.  

At the same time, your sleeping position plays a crucial role. Lying down brings the fluid to rest and gets accumulated in the face; when you sleep facedown, it can be exacerbated. 

You are not working out

Trimming inches from the waistline should not be the only reason why you are exercising. Exercising brings a host of benefits; not to mention it is one-shot solution to a hundred problems, including a puffy face. 

Exercising opens up the skin’s pores and improves the blood supply to the skin. Consequently, salt and water are removed from the body as sweat. This maintains the water-salt balance and keeps it low to reduce puffiness. 

You are binging on salty snacks

We know how much you love those chips. After all, snacks and good movies go well together, isn’t it? But just so you know, salty snacks like chips and popcorn can be a reason for your puffy skin. Salty snacks are rich in sodium; so when you consume them in excess, your body starts to retain extra water. The result is the puffy skin you wake up with every morning. 

You are consuming alcohol in excess

Alcohol can feel therapeutic when you are under stress; however, its overconsumption cannot only bring an uninvited hangover but also other harmful consequences, such as a puffy face in the morning. 

Alcohol increases inflammation in the body, which can worsen any inflammatory situation such as a puffy face or acne. As alcohol is dehydrating, the body will retain fluids to deal with it. This can make the face puffy the very next morning

…If it’s not in the morning but throughout the day

If you are suffering from a puffy face, not only in the morning but throughout the day, chances are high that it is because of either of the following: 

  • You are pregnant. Face swelling or puffiness in any other organ can be pretty common when you are pregnant. However, if it is extreme swelling, contact your physician right away. 
  • It can be either a drug allergy, food allergy, or insect bite. 
  • It can be a seasonal allergy, you might also experience coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes or mouth, headache, along with a puffy face in this case. 
  • Face puffiness can also be because of thyroid disease. 
  • An infection in the eyes, tooth, or sinus can cause face puffiness as it is the body’s defense mechanism. 

Bottom line

Face puffiness can cause a huge inconvenience or discomfort to individuals. Now that you know the probable reasons for it, you can make lifestyle or medical changes to get rid of a puffy face. You can also use medical or natural remedies such as an ice pack or Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicines to control a puffy face. Mild puffiness can be treated with these tips. However, you must immediately seek medical help if your swelling worsens or you get a red face or acne. It is of utmost importance as such aggravated allergic reactions can lead to a compromised airway.