Explained: Why Harry & Meghan are evicted from Frogmore cottage by King Charles

Explained: Why Harry Meghan are evicted from Frogmore cottage by King Charles

Explained: Why Harry & Meghan are evicted from Frogmore cottage by King Charles

Buckingham Palace has issued an eviction notice to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex days after Harry’s memoir Spare – in which he made a series of sensational claims against the Royal Family – hit UK shelves in January, according to The Sun. The revelation comes with preparations for King Charles’ Coronation in May well underway amid speculation that Prince Harry may not receive an invitation.

Instead, the Palace seeks to replace the pair with the disgraced Duke of York, who currently inhabits the larger Royal Lodge. Andrew is said to be resisting the move, but it is said Harry and Meghan will be forced to leave the cottage – their only remaining home in the UK – and fully complete their relocation to the US irrespective of whether Andrew moves in.

The Sun reported that the couple are in a process of making arrangement to have their remaining belongings shipped to their new home in California. The Duke has been resisting the offer to downsize. In fact, King Charles had begun the process of moving the couple out following the release of Harry’s explosive memoir Spare that was released early January.

The question that comes to my mind is who caused this ugly friction between Prince Harry and King Charles and who gave Prince Harry the confidence to write Spare? I am sure it is Meghan Markle. The ‘proof’ of his claim comes from Prince Harry’s acknowledgment to his ‘beloved wife’ in Spare. It talks of Meghan Markle being Prince Harry’s “logical, physical, emotional and spiritual” inspiration. Royal biographer Tom Bower suggested that the Duchess of Sussex is the driving force behind the controversial memoir, titled Spare.

Meghan Markle has been cited as Prince Harry’s role model. Tom Bower added, “His book is really Meghan’s. Meghan is the person who has dictated this agenda.” In his memoir Spare Harry revealed he killed 25 fighters and says he did not think of them as people, but instead as chess pieces that had been taken off the board. What we understood from his controversial Netflix docu-series  Harry & Meghan   and his book Spare is that Prince Harry had a troubled childhood and things became worse after her mother, Lady Diana’s death. As a teenager he got into drugs and all because there was nobody to guide him and missed his mother whom he was close to. Both Harry and William were unable to accept Camilla and was against King Charles marriage with her. Harry has seen his mother; Lady Diana suffer while his King Charles was having an illegitimate relationship with Camilla when they were officially married.