BJP guns for influencer Kamya Jani over Puri temple visit, demands her arrest for 'promoting beef'

BJP guns for influencer Kamya Jani over Puri temple visit, demands her arrest for 'promoting beef'

BJP guns for influencer Kamya Jani over Puri temple visit, demands her arrest for 'promoting beef'

A controversy erupted after the BJP’s Odisha unit came down heavily on BJD leader VK Pandian for giving access to social media influencer Kamiya Jani inside the Jagannath Puri shrine, alleging that she is “known for promoting beef consumption”.

Jain, the popular face of her online blog ‘Curly Tales’, came to be at the centre of a political slugfest between the BJP and the ruling BJD after her video with Pandian on Jagannath temple premises went viral on social media.The video stoked a furore after the BJP’s Odisha unit shared an earlier screenshot of the YouTuber purportedly consuming beef and juxtaposing it with an image of her eating the Mahaprasadam.

BJP accused the influencer of being a ‘beef promoter’ and accused the BJD leader of granting her access to the temple premises. Demanding action against the popular YouTuber, the BJP’s Odisha unit posted on X,

“The sacred sanctity of Puri Srimandir, rich with historical and spiritual heritage, has been shamefully disregarded by VK Pandian, the chairman of 5T, who callously allowed a beef promoter into the revered premises of Jagannath Mandir.”

“Biju Janata Dal remains indifferent to the sentiments of Odia and the sanctity of Jagannath Culture! Those responsible must face swift and severe consequences,” the party added in the post.

The general secretary of the BJP’s Odisha wing also called for the arrest of the influence and BJD leader Pandian for allegedly hurting religious sentiments by making a video of partaking of the ‘Mahaprasad’ at the Jagannath temple.

The state spokesperson of the BJP, Anil Biswal, shared an old video of the YouTuber purportedly endorsing beer consumption and sought an explanation from the BJD leader on inviting a ‘beef eater’ to take the ‘Mahaprasad’ at the Jagannath temple.”How far is it right for beef-eater Kamiya Jani to get access to Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri? Kamiya Jani admits she takes beef. VK Pandian invites her to go Jagannatha Temple, also invites to take Mahaprasad. BJD should not do politics. They should give (an) answer,” Biswal posted on X.

However, refuting all allegations by the BJP, Kamiya, in an Insta story on her personal handle, clarified that she has “never eaten beef” “As an Indian, my mission is to take Indian culture and heritage to the world. I have been visiting all the Jyotirlingas and char dhams of India and what a privilege it’s been. Woke up to this strange article in newspaper questioning my visit to Jagannath temple. Not that anyone has reached out to me yet but just here to clarify that I don’t and have never eaten beef. Jai Jagannath,” the Curly Tales wrote on Instagram.