Amazon just did something to improve hearing while watching Prime Video

Some movies and TV shows have dialogue that is harder to hear for some people. Amazon's new Dialogue Boost feature isolates sound to improve listening.

Amazon just did something to improve hearing while watching Prime Video

You are about to hear how Prime Video is turning up the volume on what people say on TV a whole lot better on programs you watch. Companies all over the world have been working hard to improve their accessibility features so that more of us can enjoy their services, and Amazon is the latest business to cater to the needs of those who are hard of hearing. Even if you have perfect hearing, you may want to consider using its new Dialogue Boost feature.

Dialogue Boost is a new feature that is being introduced within Amazon Prime Video that will allow you to select dialogue volume levels to suit your hearing needs on any device. The feature is initially being launched on Amazon Original shows and movies worldwide, and it will help you hear the dialogue much better over the background music and special effects happening on the content you are watching.

The technology is designed specifically for Dialogue Boost to analyze the audio within a movie or TV show and pick out points where the dialogue might be harder to hear. It then isolates the speech patterns and enhances the audio to make the dialogue sound clearer to you.

It specifically focuses on certain portions of the dialogue that may be harder to hear rather than generally amplifying the entire thing. You can make the feature work whether you're watching Prime on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV.

Once you're watching something on Prime Video, you can choose which Dialogue Boost level you want. You will have a choice between English Dialogue Boost: Medium and English Dialogue Boost: High.

This feature is only available on Amazon Originals as of now, such as Jack Ryan and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. However, it will be available for more titles later this year. Here's how to access the feature.

I think Amazon's new Dialogue Boost feature on Prime Video is a great step to significantly improving accessibility for those who have trouble hearing. While currently available only on Amazon Originals, the feature is expected to be expanded to more titles in the future, showcasing Amazon's commitment to inclusivity in its services. I hope more companies follow Amazon's lead.