Are you sick of annoying calls and messages? Telecom companies will soon use AI to filter these

Tired of pesky calls and messages? Telecom firms to harness AI soon to filter these

Are you sick of annoying calls and messages? Telecom companies will soon use AI to filter these

For mobile phone users in India, unwanted calls and messages may finally cease to exist with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) enforcing new rules for companies on Monday.

Millions across the country are likely to be spared unsolicited calls and messages, with the telecom regulator directing companies to incorporate Artificial Intelligence or AI-based spam filters into their call and SMS services.

AI to the rescue

These AI filters will automatically do away with promotional calls and messages from unknown sources. The regulator has been working with telecom companies to crack down on such calls and messages. The AI spam filters are designed to identify and block fake and promotional calls and messages often used to scam and annoy customers.

Telecom companies including Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, BSNL and Vodafone have agreed to comply with the new rules and soon launch AI filters.

No promotional calls

TRAI has also urged telecom operators to stop promotional calls to 10-digit mobile numbers and install a Caller ID feature that displays the caller’s name and image on the screen.

Caller ID feature

Telecom majors Airtel and Jio are reportedly in negotiations with the Truecaller app for the Caller ID feature. According to a report in the Economic Times, Truecaller is in talks with these companies to stop spam. TRAI met with telecom operators in February to discuss a detection system for “Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)”, calling it a major inconvenience to the people and an infringement of their privacy.

To permanently block spam calls, one can activate the DND (Do Not Disturb) option on one’s mobile number. The National Customer Preference Register (NCPR), earlier known as the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC), helps stop spam calls once a customer signs up for the service.