This Changes Everything! Hidden History of Vedic Knowledge & the Indus Valley Civilization

Changes Everything, Hidden History of Vedic Knowledge, Indus Valley Civilization,

How long have human's been present on this planet? How far back does the Vedic civilization in India go? Were certain gods & deities worshiped within the Solar Dynasty in India as long as 20 million years ago?? Micheal Cremo reveals all in this video presentation, in association with portal to ascension. Check out PTA YouTube channel here - Visit for information on the upcoming 3 day portal to ascension conference in San Diego, California. April 21 to the 23, 2023. Featuring Michael Cremo, Linda Moulten Howe, Caroline Cory, Barbara Lamb, and many other amazing presenters! Special thanks to Neil Gaur @portaltoascension for this collaboration . Check out PTA on YouTube here - Was there Vedic design within Indus Valley Civilization sites? Is there any archaeological evidence that humans like us, have been present on earth for millions of years? Were Humans like us on Earth 20 Million Years Ago?! Our website The Puranas - the Vedic history tell a story of human history that is much, much older than the one currently accepted. Micheal Cremo is a researcher of human origins and an international authority on archaeological anomalies. He has authored several books Including the best selling "Forbidden Archaeology," - in which he argues humans existed on earth as long as 40 million years ago. The Forbidden Archaeologist. Human Devolution, Forbidden Archaeology's Impact, and The Hidden History of the Human Race. - co-authored with Richard Thompson. His published works are highly endorsed by academics and researchers around the world. Michael has been invited to present his research in some of the leading scientific institutions of the world. The royal institution of London, the Russian academy of science , The Moscow department of anthropology, The Indian institute of science and many others. He has also appeared widely on TV shows such as the history channel’s “ancient aliens” and the Gaia TV series “ancient civilizations”. Michael’s work in archaeology and research of the ancient Sanskrit writings of India has revealed a long and mysterious history of human origins, spirituality and paleocontact.