Scam that could ruin your Super Bowl experience

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Scam that could ruin your Super Bowl experience


- How sneaky scammers are using AI to get you to buy fake Super Bowl tickets
- Actor Ricky Schroder says AI-generated explicit content is a ‘dangerous tool,’ needs to be regulated
- FCC makes AI-generated robocalls that can fool voters illegal after Biden voice cloning in New Hampshire

RUINING THE BIG GAME: If you’re one of the lucky fans who managed to get tickets to the Super Bowl, congratulations. You’re in for a thrilling experience. But if you’re still looking for tickets and are tempted by offers on social media platforms, beware.

‘I'M CONCERNED’: American actor Ricky Schroder said this week he believes explicit content generated by artificial intelligence is a "dangerous road to go down."

ROBO-BAN: The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday made AI-generated robocalls mimicking the voices of political candidates to fool voters illegal. 

BYE BYE, BARD: Google AI has officially transitioned into Gemini, an enhanced version of Google’s first artificial intelligence system. In a conversation Google AI product lead Jack Krawczyk revealed what’s new about Gemini.

TIME OFF: The rapid advance of artificial intelligence could lead to an easier schedule for American workers and give them an extra day off every week.

'INCOMPETENT': A New York lawyer could face discipline after it was discovered a case she cited was generated by artificial intelligence and did not actually exist.

AI TAX ASSIST: Microsoft and H&R Block are partnering to bring generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help simplify the do-it-yourself tax filing process for taxpayers. H&R Block launched its AI Tax Assist product, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft through its Azure OpenAI Service, in December ahead of the tax season, which officially opened last week.