Restaurant combines an amusement ride with unforgettable fine dining

Eatrenalin is a restaurant in Germany with a Floating Chair innovation that makes the 17,000-square-foot venue feel like an amusement park.

Restaurant combines an amusement ride with unforgettable fine dining

Ready for an amazing restaurant experience that'll take your taste buds on a wild ride as you move from one incredible room to the next? Sounds like an amusement park experience, right?

If you thought that, you wouldn't be too far off. 

This unique restaurant is called Eatrenalin, and it's built around some pretty cool Floating Chair innovation.

The Eatrenalin restaurant is located next to the four-star superior hotel Krønasår in Rust, Germany. Spanning approximately 17,222 square feet, this innovative dining establishment offers a sensory experience like no other.

Pioneered by MACK Rides, the superstars of amusement park tech, the Floating Chair is Eatrenalin's secret sauce. Each chair consists of approximately 2,100 components and weighs about 705 pounds.

This engineering masterpiece whisks you away on an over two-hour adventure for your senses, gently gliding you between themed rooms without you ever needing to budge from your comfy seat.

But the Floating Chair is cooler than just a fancy way to get around. It's designed to work seamlessly with the whole multimedia show. As the chair glides you through each incredible experience, from the refreshing depths of the Ocean room to the mind-blowing vastness of the Universe room, the sights and sounds perfectly match the movement, creating an experience that totally immerses you.

Adding to the awesome experience is a culinary masterpiece. Led by a dream team of world-class chefs, Eatrenalin offers an eight-course tasting menu that perfectly complements each themed environment.

Whether you choose the "Red Dimensions" menu with its international flavors or the plant-powered "Green Dimensions" option, the flavors will blow your mind while the Floating Chair ensures a comfy and unforgettable journey.

While the patented Floating Chair from Mack Rides glides guests through these immersive spaces, the multimedia content curated by MACK Animation and MACK Solutions ensures that the visual worlds are truly mesmerizing.

Thomas Mack, a driving force behind this innovation, emphasizes the seamless fusion of new LED screens and projections, creating an interplay of media technology and film.

If you're wondering what's next for Eatrenalin, the owners say they are already eyeing locations in Southern California or Las Vegas, aiming to bring this blend of taste, technology and storytelling close to you here in the States.

Eatrenalin proves that cutting-edge tech and fantastic food are a great match. The Floating Chair technology, coupled with the incredible settings and world-class cuisine, creates a one-of-a-kind dining experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.