AI assistants for Windows and Office are about to be released by Microsoft. Every detail

Microsoft's AI assistant for Windows will roll out on September 26, while the Office AI app will be accessible on November 1. The company is integrating AI into its products using OpenAI's GPT-4 technology.

AI assistants for Windows and Office are about to be released by Microsoft. Every detail

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft Corp. has stated that its AI assistant for Windows will start rolling out on September 26 and the Office AI app will become generally available on November 1. This development is a result of Microsoft's continued efforts to include generative AI into its product lineup.

During an event in New York, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft's Copilot-branded AI assistants will offer a seamless experience across various operating systems, applications, and devices. As an example, Microsoft demonstrated how a user can request Copilot to locate a flight booking from their text messages.

“We’ve seen that the most magical and empowering moments people have experienced with AI is when it’s informed with the context that extends way beyond what’s in front of them. This requires that what we think of today as separate categories — search, productivity, operating systems devices — all come together and evolve," said Nadella.

Reportedly, over the last year, Microsoft has been revamping its major products to incorporate AI technology capable of generating fresh content from extensive datasets. This transformation encompasses a range of products, including Windows, Office, Bing search, security software, and customer and finance solutions. This initiative primarily relies on OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, in which Microsoft has made a substantial $13 billion investment.

The report further highlights that the Office product, introduced in March, has undergone testing with approximately 600 customers and will be priced at an additional $30 per user per month, in addition to the existing fees for most business customers. This product enables employees to utilize both web-based data and internal company data for tasks such as spreadsheet analysis, slideshow creation, and forecasting future business challenges.